Ty Davis

Heeeyyyy whaaaatttt'ssss upppp?!?!?

Comedian Ty Davis, The Young Boy Whisperer

Comedian Ty Davis, The Young Boy Whisperer

Tyana Davis, professionally known as Ty Davis, is a stand up comedian, radio personality, writer, actress and voice over artist based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Originally born in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, she traveled often and had to adapt and make friends quickly. Her bubbly personality made her the perfect social butterfly that enjoyed making people laugh and smile, and helped her to survive.  In 2001, after her mother retired, they moved to Baltimore where she started her comedic career in 2014.

As she continues to gain popularity and master her craft, she’s had the opportunity to share the stage with comedian/actor Guy Torry, Drew Fraser, and Benji Brown just to name a few.  Ty frequently performs and hosts at The Baltimore Comedy Factory, and hosts her own open mic for other up and coming comedians.  She’s worked with some of the industry’s top comedians at The Arena Players, one of the oldest historically African-American community theaters in Baltimore, Maryland.  She also has several sketch comedy and promo videos to add to her credits.  She is the host of The Morning After Show on DTLR Radio Monday through Friday 11am-2pm ET and creative content writer for the DTLR Radio website.


Photographer: Mikael Aaron Photography

Make Up Artist: Ashley Callaway


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